i just read someone trying to say blue balls isn’t a thing and wow are they wrong

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pigwarts: Are you ever scared that you might not find "the one" because I am. I think about it everyday.

no. i’m scared of not finding all of them.

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i am always so stressed out and worried and anxious and sad but i am also always happy and carefree and understanding and willing. i am grateful for this. no matter where i am, and who i am with, there is never a dull moment in my life. i make my life interesting for myself where ever i go, and i think thats my best quality. i think that makes me a winner, a good winner. 

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I’m tired but talk to me
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lifes cool when you stop worrying

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Anonymous: " I don't know what I want but if it makes me happy I want it." -Joe Seeing your face, reading your thoughts, knowing you're breathing at this very moment makes me happy. I want you. -raom

dunno who raom

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i don’t know what i want but if it makes me happy than i want it

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